Private: Monthly Exhibition Tour

Sunday 17 January



Open Eye Gallery, 2015 © Ted Oonk

Open Eye Gallery, 2015 © Ted Oonk

Exhibition tours are led by our curatorial team and offer insight to the works on display. They are also a great opportunity to discuss the exhibition with others. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Sunday 17 January, 2:30pm

Sunday 14 February, 2:30pm

Sunday 13 March, 2:30pm – Angela Samata joins the curatorial team to lead this exhibition tour. Angela sits on the All Party Parliamentary Group tackling suicide prevention in England and Wales and is a presenter and arts professional. Angela presented the BBC documentary ‘Life After Suicide’ which has recently been recognised with a Mind Media Award.

Booking is not required. Fore further information please call +44 (0)151 236 6768 or email

Flat Death: Edgar Martins & Jordan Baseman

Through photographic projects by Edgar Martins and Jordan Baseman, this exhibition presents two series of work that invite us to reflect on how we deal with death, as a society and individually.

Edgar Martins attempts to understand our relationship to death and photography’s role in this process through a variety of images. Jordan Baseman’s exhibition of memorial images sits within a long tradition of photography being used by families to remember their loved ones after they have passed.

In shaping the exhibition we have been in consultation with leading individuals & mental health organisations to ensure an open dialogue. Throughout the exhibition, we will be holding events considering the ethical responsibilities and systems of public beliefs around the work presented  and sharing the findings.

The exhibition’s title, Flat Death, is taken from Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida which considers the photograph as a fixed record of a moment in time.

For more information on our current exhibition, please click here: Flat Death: Edgar Martins & Jordan Baseman