Artist Support

Open Eye Gallery’s Artist Support programme offers a range of skills development opportunities for artists and photographers.

It supports the development of practical, theoretical and professional skills, fosters contact between practitioners and encourages networking within and outside of the region.

We partner with Redeye, the Photography Network, to deliver elements of the programme, which includes:

Photographers’ Network meetings
Open Eye Gallery and Redeye host regular Photographers’ Network Meetings in Liverpool, featuring artist talks, networking opportunities and other activities. These events are open to anyone who would define themselves as a practicing photographer, amateur or professional. The meetings provide mutual support and encouragement to continue and improve practice; they offer a forum for critical debate and stimulate innovation. Click here to find out about the next meeting.

Workshops, masterclasses and short courses
Open Eye Gallery offers workshops, masterclasses and short courses which explore techniques and issues with particular resonance for contemporary practitioners. Delivered by experts in their field, they aim to create a learning environment that encourages debate and the exchange of ideas. Forthcoming workshops, masterclasses and short courses will appear in our Events section.

Portfolio Review events
Photographers can find themselves working in relative isolation, with few opportunities for peer review or other forms of critical appraisal. Open Eye Gallery organises occasional portfolio review events which offer critical feedback in a supportive context from experienced industry professionals. They encourage ambition and locate individual artists’ work in a wider context of contemporary photography. Forthcoming Portfolio Review sessions will appear in our Events section.