Paul Morrison: Urformen

June 2014 - 2016

Paul Morrison, Urformen © Katie Louise Dixon

Paul Morrison, Urformen © Katie Louise Dixon

As part of the Cultural Programme of the International Festival for Business 2014, Open Eye Gallery has commissioned Liverpool-born artist Paul Morrison (b. 1966) with a new work that will transform the gallery’s façade. Every two years, made to coincide with the Liverpool Biennial, the Wall Work series aims to create a new visual dialogue between the gallery and its context, and collaborate with artists who work outside the field of photography and lens-based practices.

Urformen is a cognitive landscape created from a selection of disparate found elements, which are taken from Morrison’s archive. His source material ranges from archaic prints to contemporary graphics found in botanical text books, fine art, film stills and advertising.

The images are integrated through digital manipulation and form an indeterminate space that is simultaneously flat, yet gives the illusion of strong pictorial depth.

The resulting composition functions as a screen that allows the viewer to complete the landscape according to her/his perception, history, memory and cultural associations. It is a virtual site for an incident to occur in.

The contrasting black and white heightens the work’s visual impact. However, the piece is somehow rich in associative colour. A picture of grass need not be green any more than the word rainbow needs to be written in multi-coloured letters.

Sponsored by the International Festival For Business 2014.

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